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Not sure what to practice in order to fine-tune your skills? Get the MotoJitsu Master Riding Program!  It's a great challenge for all riders, beginner through advanced. 



Master Riding Program

This book answers the question about what to practice. The MotoJitsu system is a structured set of drills that start at a beginner White Belt level and get increasingly more difficult as they move up to Black Belt and beyond. Riders who practice the MotoJitsu system will improve their riding competence and elevate their understanding of how to control their motorcycle in virtually any street environment.

“Want to control your motorcycle in virtually any street environment? Whatever your current riding skill level, my MotoJitsu Master Riding Program will enhance your motorcycle knowledge and riding ability. Whether you're a new rider or you've been riding for 20 years... ride to work everyday or take your bike to the racetrack on the weekends... have a Kawasaki Ninja 300 or a Honda Gold Wing... explore the mountain roads in San Diego or navigate through the streets of Belfast... MotoJitsu is for you!” 

Practice riding motorcycle at low speed | Master Riding Program | MotoJitsu

Summary :

The heart of MotoJitsu is the belt system, similar to those used in martial arts. The program is structured using belt colors. Each belt color represents a different level of knowledge and skill demonstrated by the practitioner. The system was inspired by my own experience of practicing jiu-jitsu and realizing the amazing abilities black belts possess in their understanding and knowledge. The MotoJitsu belt system mimics most martial arts by starting with White Belt and moving up to Black Belt and beyond. The skills and knowledge you are asked to explain and perform at the White Belt are at a beginner’s level; as you progress, both get more challenging.

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