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Master Riding Program | MotoJitsu

Available in paperback and eBook

The Road To Mastery | MotoJitsu

Available in paperback and eBook


Available in paperback and eBook

Eternal Sky Clouds Passing By | MotoJitsu

Available in paperback and eBook

If you would like a signed copy of any book, send it to

Fast Eddie at P.O. Box 90444 San Diego, CA 92169 with a return address.

I will sign and ship the book back to you free of charge!

MotoJitsu App


Want to control your motorcycle in virtually any street environment? Whatever your current riding skill level, my MotoJitsu Master Riding Program V1 & 2 will enhance your motorcycle knowledge and riding ability. Within my app, you'll find both books with all the drills to set up, links to demonstrations, a way to share your practice sessions and the ability to convert all measurements to metric. 

MotoJitsu - Sweatshirt
MotoJitsu - Tshirt
MotoJitsu - Hat

MotoJitsu’s Official Merchandise


Find tee-shirts, hats, stickers and more!

Chin Mounts

Want to record from your helmet?
Check out Chin Mounts!

"MOTOJITSU" Code gets you 10% off as well.


If you're shopping for Lee's gloves, cones, knee pucks or any other cool stuff, Greg now has an affiliate link set up with Lee Parks himself!

You can order a signed copy of Total Control, 2nd Edition by Lee Parks as well from there!

LeeParksDesign - Gloves
LeeParksDesign - Cone
LeeParksDesign - Cone
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